About Us

Mystic mountain Witch Tours is owned by Lily Peek. Lily, a former U.S. Marine and a crime scene investigator, woke one morning and announced to the family that they were selling their home and moving to Tennessee, where her family had lived for 200 years prior to the Great Depression. Believing that Lily must have had a bad dream, the family convinced her to put aside this bizarre plan and hold on to everything she had already achieved. The next morning, she again awakened with an insistent need to move to East Tennessee to discover the secrets of her families history. After three weeks of this, Lily’s mother, Elizabeth, stopped by with an announcement. Her words were short and simple, “I’m going with you.” With that it was off to Tennessee they went.
Arriving in Tennessee, a place they had never even visited, they began searching the local history and immediately became engulfed in tales of witchcraft, ghosts, pagans and a an unknown little boy who was reaching out from the grave.

Please join us to discover the secret histories hidden deep in the hills of East Tennessee.

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